Wednesday, 6 June 2018

More important than technical support...

I'm curently sat in a classroom looking at a Mac that has 15 minutes before it's finished downloading it's updates. After it's finished it'll need to reboot and install the updates, then I'll need to figure out a way to back up the old iPads, create a new blueprint, and add some new apps to them, based on several teachers feedback. Using a piece of software that was written a decade ago, that currently has 1.5 in iTunes. The computer has already been going for over half an hour, and that's after I'd hooked up the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, which weren't happy about their master leaving them while it was off for repair.
It's not rocket science, but it could frustrate a number of different people, especially considering the process isn't really obvious, indeed, I've found a help site via Google that should help me avoid erasing all of the iPads and losing all the network's settings, which is my main concern. Anything else is resolvable, but enrolling devices on a schools network is level 2 wizardry.
In all honesty, I could teach a teacher to do this, some would be able to do it anyway, but even with the knowledge, it's still ridiculously slow and complicated.
In the past month I've delighted a department who find themselves filling out the same report several times a day. By creating a simple form that produces reports for them. That and this have lead me to a conclusion about what I really do.
Whilst what I offer in terms of updating iPads, looking at wise investments, researching emailing, it's dawned on me that the real value is time.
Without me, the school would be able to get this working again. But the lack of a working keyboard might stump them longer than I, what they really get from me being here, is time, time to forget about it, and rest assured that it will be resolved, in due course.
Time, that for teachers, children and heads in today's modern Britain is so, so precious. Time to be teachers.

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