Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The LG P920 Read on!

I'm excited. Excited like it's Christmas, or like its an Apple product launch. Neighbouring stores have had this handset in, but we haven't. I'm distraught. Even though I've seen one before and been initally unimpressed*, with a brief encounter, everyone is now raving about it, so I figure, perhaps I've been too hasty. So I plea with a neighbouring store to let me borrow one. He transfers it across and excitedly, I go and pick it up. I ask the team.
"What's it like?"
"Amazing, unbelievable, really has got the wow factor".
I rush back to my store and show the team..... I've got one! One of the team members follows me into the back and we open it up. Upon boot, it would appear to be yet another humdrum Android handset, albeit fast. We skip through the usual setup process and finally we're in. There it is, straight in front of us. The button that reads "3D Space", no glasses required, this part of the menu leaps out at you with the content on the handset that is fully rendered in 3D. Youtube clips (which don't appear to work on first inspection), Games, Camera, (it has a full stereoscopic camera) tips and Gallery. Now.... either you've eyes that can cope with this, or, you've eyes that can't, or eye's that may take a bit of time to adjust. Although it can be tweaked, like the Nintendo 3DS, You'll either see it and be comfortable with it. Or you'll be endlessly adjusting it and giving yourself a headache in the process. Having said that, some content is clear and amazing, whilst other stuff really just doesn't work. The racing game Asphalt didn't work for me, although the trailer did, the game Nova on the other hand was a fab FPS which I had to remind myself I was at work and drag myself away from! For the time being though, this is a world first and it's a highly encouraging start. LG really have produced a stunning handset. Team members said either "wow, thats incredible", "I don't see it" or (somewhat unimpressed) "it looks like cardboard cutouts". After a small amount of time with the handset, I really could see the 3D pictures and most of the video content too (as I mentioned though, some is just plain bad). The photo's from the camera were especially impressive and I saw the full depth of the surfaces, where others just saw flat. The video was also good, although perhaps less impressive. I have to confess though, I think you perhaps need to be determined. I'm convinced, given enough time, people could battle through their initial nausea, (vomiting and migraine) and find a tuning setting that works for them. For me, it seems to be just over 2D. Oddly, this is where I get the most depth and clarity. Under the surface, on a day to day basis, yes, it is just another Android handset, you can change the layout of the menu's, you can have them in grid, or list, or pages. Although it does have a dual core processor, so it's quicker than many rivals. The screen, when viewed in portrait mode is not 3D and will not work in 3D, however it is as clear as any of its competitors. This ladies and gentleman, is going to be a VERY popular handset regardless of what else it's like.
Android handset are good, good ones are even better, 3D ones are currently unique. Most people love unique. If you want 3D without glasses on your handset and you want a top of the range handset, so far you only have one choice. Although I doubt too many people will be disappointed. Very, very impressive.
*The first time I saw this product was immediately after a demo of a 3D lg HD passive Tv, which was mind blowingly good. I guess the comparison of that, vs this, marred my initial reaction. It's no 3D HD tv, but... for a phone, it too is exceptionally good.

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