Thursday, 2 December 2010

Edifier MP300

We don't actually sell these little (and I mean tiny) speakers, but I really wish we did. I feel that I have to give them the praise that they deserve as they really are miniature marvels. I'll keep it sweet and short as there are plenty of other reviews on the internet for these, mostly favourable. The soundstage that these small cheap units produce is truly marvellous. They only achieved 4 stars on what hifi. But to my ears and taking into account their relative miniscularity (this is a word I just made up) they are small miracles. The key to the sound is two fold. 
1 The superwoofer. The kitchen roll shaped bass producing mid section which the satellite speakers attach to. 
2 The balance between the 3 speakers. It's just perfect. 
If you need speakers for your holidays, or even a (really) small room. You can't go far wrong with these. They come with a portable case as well for the mains adaptor and leads. Not as convenient as a dock, but the pay off in terms of sound quality is worth it. 
Thoroughly recommended. 

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