Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Top Ten Smartphone Tips.

Here are my Top Ten recommendations that you might not know, to help you get the best out of your Smartphone ...

1) Turn off Notifications for Social media - Be the boss of your phone, not the slave to it's chimes, because mental health matters.

2) Clean your lens before you take a photo -This makes a much bigger difference to the clarity and sharpness of your images than you might imagine.

3) Buy a Sim only deal - There's no reason to pay one company for your service and your phone anymore. Check your data usage and buy what you need. £10 will get you 8GB and unlimited social media use on Voxi. My whole family pay less for 4 agreements, than I see many individuals pay for one phone.

4) Buy a Sim free phone - Budget smartphones are now incredible, mid range phones are mind blowing. Save your pennies and don't get suckered into a contract that'll see you lose money if you crack your screen, and on that....

5) Get a good case - Nano technology isn't hype, get a recommended case that'll absorb drops (I've seen this tech work) and you should never crack your screen. Tech21 (effective), Otterbox (big) and Spigen (cool) are all excellent.

Google Photos - Free up Space
6) Clear the Cache - Save space on your phone by occasionally clearing the cache - Android - Settings, Apps, Select App, Clear cache. Apple still don't let you do this, offload Apps makes no sense, delete the App and reinstall to gain space.

7) Back up your Photos to Google Photos - Another space saving tip. If you install Google Photos, everything you take will be backed up. Swapping devices? Photos will be where you left them. Want space on your device, Goto 'free up space' in the app. Goto to easily manage them into albums and download them.

8) Use Newsflare - If you capture something extraordinary on Video, Newsflare is the easiest way to sell it to Ladbible. I once sold a 2 minute drone dance video and got £215 while in the middle of a holiday. Ker-ching!

9) Only charge to 80-85%. Phone Batteries degrade over time. Install a battery management app that tells you when you've reached 85% and unplug before the damage happens. I use Accu Battery.

10) Use Google Pay - Using my smartphone for payments is easier and more secure than contact-less (your phone has to be unlocked to use it) this has helped get me home as petrol stations take payment by it when I haven't had my wallet.

That's it, let me know, what is essential to you with your phone, what have I missed, what do you disagree with?

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