Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Rough Cuts Ltd - end of aerial services.

Before the end of this year Rough Cuts Ltd, permission for commercial drone operation from the CAA will expire. In 2020 we do not intend to renew this license for a number of reasons.

It has been a genuine pleasure to serve some of the regions finest estate agents and we have been passionate about creating the best quality videos for the lowest costs, we've seen some truly stunning properties. But the annual cost of insurance, the time required to maintain and operate the drone, the constantly changing parameters for (and cost of) licence renewal and lack of recurring business in this field simply mean it's no longer sensible for us to continue.

Moving forward we will look to maintain our relationship with existing partners to provide event photography and video services, as expected, but we will also focus much more on educational and social projects. Sharing the Knowledge we have of technology with pupils and people across Flintshire.
We will still be a part of the Do-Well band, supporting projects such as the 2025 movement with event photography and Public Narrative video capture.

Although we have been teaching primary school children technology for 3 years now and have a wealth of polished courses to offer, we feel it is necessary to be recognised as experts and will undertake Google for Education certified training, which we hope to complete before the end of 2019 or early into 2020.

This will enable us to design new lesson plans and to support classrooms better. To advise schools on the best ways of working and to maximise the impact of technology in the classroom. We've already started the certification process and it's impossible not to be inspired by some of the examples set by other teachers from around the world.

From this unique position we can help up-skill teachers, devote time teachers don't have, to learning new ways of working. We can become the masters of technology and bring those exciting new skills into classrooms at a pace that suits the schools, the teachers, the parents and most importantly the pupils.

We will also continue with our technical support and management of school devices and peripherals.

In the long term we foresee learning projects happening outside of schools. For people that might be suffering with poor mental health or social isolation, for the pupils and perhaps too, for the parents. We hope that in the foreseeable future every pupil in Flintshire, by the end of year six, will have the Digital Skills required to tackle high school in the most engaging way, having the knowledge and skills they need to Do-Well in twenty-first-century workplaces

We thank our aerial customers from the past 3 years and hope you will understand our reasons for this decision.

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