Monday, 23 September 2019

How to enable 'night mode' on your Smartphone Camera.

So the iPhone night mode is really pretty cool, yes? For all those times you need to take a photo in near dark conditions. Having this feature could prove useful. But the chances are, if your phone has a manual mode, or 'Pro' mode, you can probably do something pretty much as good.

Let me tell you how in a few simple steps.

1. Start your camera app
2. Open the settings and look for Manual or Pro mode and select it.
3. Look for ISO and put it as high as you possibly can. I have the Samsung S7 Edge and 800 is the limit.
4. Look for the shutter speed and set it to 1/20
5. Hold your camera very still and take a photo.

If you kept the phone still enough, you should find that, in very low light, you get a well exposed image. If it's over exposed, you have more light than you need and you can set the shutter speed higher, try 1/40 or 1/60.
If you have very steady hands, you may find you're able to drop the shutter as low as 1/5 of a second and still get a clear brighter image.

The two photos below show you what I was able to capture in low light. The first image is to illustrate how dark it was, and the contrast in brightness from the photo. The second is the actual photo from the Samsung.

iPhone night mode challenge
This is how dark the room was - photo captured on iPad on auto setting.
iphone night mode vs s7 edge pro mode
Image taken on S7 edge on Pro mode ISO800, Shutter speed 1/20

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