Monday, 14 November 2016

Chromebook top tips....

I've been using a Chromebook for the past week, and I've stumbled across a lot of tips that make it easier to use as a replacement for an 'ordinary desktop' these are my top tips. 

Press ALT + ‘[‘ or ‘]’ to trigger Windows snap left and right respectively. This enables you to have two windows open at the same time, to use one for reference and the other to create.

To get ‘Caps Lock’ press ALT and Search together. Why don't they have a caps lock button? Weird.

You can do quick sums in the search box, which is handy, just like on a Mac.

To lock the computer quickly press ‘Search’ (the magnifying glass) + ‘L’

Press CTRL SHIFT ALT and Reload to watch the window Barrel roll, utterly pointless, but a lot of fun to watch! Especially if you're 9 years old.

Pres CTRL and SCREEN to take a screen shot, or hold shift as well, to snapshot a portion of the screen.

Goto chrome://settings/search#accessibility in chrome to enable tap dragging. This means you can tap and drag windows which is annoying when it isn't enabled.

Press Shift opening an APP to open it in a new window (not in Chrome) this makes it look more like an app, than a chrome extension.

ALT -/+ minimises and maximises windows respectively.

Three finger swipe up/down, shows open applications.

Press and hold CTRL+SHIFT and press ‘qq’ to quickly logout.

Click the Bell (bottom right) and then the Red Bell to temporarily pause notifications, or stop distractions!

Pressing ALT and TAB tabs through active windows or applications, just like it does on Windows and Mac.

Chrome call natural scrolling (like on an iPad) ‘Australian’ scroll mode, Goto Settings>> Device>> Touchpad to enable it.
Screenshot 2016-11-08 at 23.02.30.png

In the Files app hold CTRL+SHIFT+E to safely eject USB drives

CTRL + N opens a NEW Window

In ‘Files’ app CTRL+E = new folder (see above for why it isn’t CTRL+N like on other machines). Gets confusing with USB key eject, but useful to know.

To edit video (for free) the best thing to use is Youtube Creator Studio, you can find it here after you login in the top right hand of the screen.
Screenshot 2016-11-08 at 23.28.43.png

If you delete the description in Chrome bookmarks you get neat favicon bookmarks in Chrome. (This works on Mac and Windows too and saves valuable space on your bookmarks bar).
Screenshot 2016-11-08 at 23.37.41.png

Screenshot 2016-11-08 at 23.35.43.png

You can perform simple photo edits (straighten, colour adjustments, etc) in google photos with the PEN icon.

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