Thursday, 7 March 2013

Nokia 820 Windows Phone

I like Windows operating system. Both of my young kids are using windows phones and they just seem to know how to use them. One has the HTC Radar and one has the Nokia Lumia 800. In all honesty, the Lumia gives us the most headaches with the seemingly unfixable turning on/off bug that makes it nigh on impossible to switch back on after the battery becomes fully depleted, having booked the phone in for repair, it seems to be ok now; touch wood. The Radar, on the other hand, has been pretty much faultless. The Lumia 820 is a lovely unit though and so far, we've yet to hear of any similar software glitches. In the hand it feels like a high quality product. Again though, this new trend of 'bigger is best' makes it just a smidge too large for it to be comfortably used with one hand. Not only that, but the matt edges don't allow for a good grip and it's a heavy unit. So I suspect one to two may have been inadvertently 'launched'. The new Windows OS is lovely to use though, and the kids corner is a great idea to let your kids stay entertained whilst knowing they're not going to delete all of your contacts. Nokia Maps remains as one of the strongest USP's, it's free, it's excellent and the competition really should be challenging them. The best thing though, without a shadow of a doubt is the wireless charging system. My suspicion is before long this will become the new standard which will allow for more innovation in the coming years. Just drop the handset on the optional charging pad and hey presto, your phone is charging. Whats more this charging pad also works with other handsets that have wireless charging abilities. So before long you'll have furniture that has a charging pad on top (or two). Desks at work, tables in restaurants, everywhere you would logically place your handset to rest, could wirelessly charge your smartphone! In that respect, the 820 is revolutionary!

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