Thursday, 7 February 2013

iPhone 5 bending and scratching.

I honestly thought on the first day of launch, when our demo iPhone 5 showed a scratch on the metal band that this would be a massive problem. Then I saw the problems with the units bending and I thought that this would be a disaster too. An aluminium band as the main support around the outside of an iPhone? Compared to a steel band on the iPhone of old! Surely some mistake!? It's so light by comparison, but at this cost?
Well, no, although we have has a couple of people complain about the black paint chipping on their black iPhone 5, it's had very little actual impact. In relation to handsets bending, we've had no complaints at all. None, not a single one, not even an insurance claim. And we've sold lots and lots and lots. Well done Apple. It seems it's all good.

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