Friday, 8 February 2013

Elgato EyeTV iPhone TV tuner

We've had this unit in for a while and never really used it. It retails at around £80 and should be capable of receiving freeview TV broadcasts through a supplied antenna. Inside the box we found a USB cable, a small magnetic based antenna and a small telescopic aerial. We downloaded the elgato eyeTV tuner app and booted it up. It asked us to plug the device in, but it already was. Here comes disappointment number 1. It's not powered from the iPhone socket. We plugged a USB lead into it and the red light came on. The app recognised this fact and we scanned for TV channels. Unfortunately, indoors, we found nothing. So, I took the unit, along with my Mac that was powering it, outside and I stood in almost zero temperatures to scan again.... and again. But alas, with no joy. Disappointment number 2!
 Undeterred and with almost child-like enthusiasm and optimism, I took the magnetic aerial out, plugged it into the device and plonked it on top of my car. Where I sat, in freezing cold temperatures again, scanning for the 5th or 6th time. Then the progress bar froze, then BBC1 appeared, then BBC2, then 77 other stations, some of which were radio. However, it appeared that all of the Freeview channels had successfully tuned in. Once the scan was complete, I was offered a list of channels to choose from. I tapped the first and the Antiques roadshow came up, then I swiped from left to right (it was a guess that worked) and BBC2 appeared, Life on Earth. The quality was really good and the controls easy to understand. You can also rewind up to 30 seconds of live TV and record programs to watch later. I found Dave and (obviously) Top Gear. Dave ja vu, Cbeebies, BBC News, they all seemed to be here. But by now, my hands had turned blue, so I declared it a success and went back in to warm up. Does what it says on the tin, eventually. It also transmits to Apple TV. Is it worth £80? Perhaps if you're a TV junkie. I know people like that, but even they think it's expensive.

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