Thursday, 10 February 2011

Feedback Beats vs Crossfades

I welcome comments and respect other people's difference of opinions. But if you're compelled to comment, do it with manners and/or respect. Otherwise, I'll simply ignore your ill-conceived diatribe.

Apparently the V-Moda crossfades improve over time, to be specific, one reader suggested 22 hours or more!! Wow. I have left them plugged into a music source for 50 hours now, and well, to be honest they still sound poor by comparison to the beats phones. Although some clarity of the mid range does appear to have improved. However they still play second fiddle to the balanced results from the Beats. Yes, on paper, in terms of frequency response, the V-Moda's should produce better results. The headphones I replaced had a better frequency response than the Beats, but they didn't sound half as good. Numbers don't always give one the full picture.

It would also appear that other reviewers (perhaps even with younger ears than mine) wouldn't rate the sonic ability of the V-Moda units that highly either. There are several other reviews I gleaned over after the feedback. It seems many share my opinion. I appreciate that everyone's ears are different though and if you're tone deaf and prefer the sound of a nightclub over the sound of well, music then you may prefer the V-Moda's.

But I doubt it.

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