Monday, 7 June 2010

The iPhone4

Just announced and it looks set to re-write all of the standards; again. After a bit of head scratching I think I've correctly worked out the screen resolution will be a HD busting and truly staggering 2560x1920 pixels. (my tv is a 'mere' 1920x1080). 
iMovie is a tremendous Mac App for Video editing which will be incredible on a phone. HD video. 720HD video capture. . Intuitive folders for Apps. A new custom designed 'A4' Processor. Better battery life. More slender design, finger print resistant bendy glass front an back. Steel outer frame that doubles as the antenna. It's the attention to detail that sets Apple products apart and this is no exception. Apple have done it again. I do wish other manufacturers would pour so much into one amazing product, instead of so little into so many mediocre ones. 

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