Friday, 14 May 2010

The Nokia X6

Upon opening the box, I find that the first part of the experience is open up the flimsy battery cover. No sign of your solid metal sliding back cover here, its a bendy 'snap on' affair. The like I have seen easily damaged by the ham fisted. Sliding (and indeed scraping) the sim in to the sim card holder. I have to confess, my initial feelings are not optimistic. After a hunt in the box for the battery, moving the standard bluetooth headphones out of the way (I would have no use for them) I locate it and power the unit up. The obligatory pixel count of the camera shows it sports a 5mp unit, whilst it also comes with the upper class Carl Zeiss lens. The boot up screen shows me its the same old Nokia Font, which now evokes many instances of disappointment. I find our location, although the UK seems like an unnecessary trawl through a million other countries. The screen seems nice and responsive, but I tap the text entry and don't get a keyboard? Then its the AM PM debacle, setting the time should be a doddle, but to get AM to PM you have to select the delete back arrow? How is that logical? Any way, once done, I'm in, the screen flickers a few times and alerts me that I am signing up for Nokia alerts, something that appears to be impossible to opt out of. That I still receive from time to time on my old sim. Once the unit has booted up, Its the same old Nokia OS. It seems quick enough navigating through the menu's. Everything is logically laid out. But there is nothing to excite. There is nothing visually appealing about the layout or the way the handset operates. It is most definitely a functional phone. There is a demo of Asphalt4 a racing game that feels so outdated it makes the phone feel old before its time. Speaking in car terms the X6 would be an Astra or a Focus. Wifi takes an impossibly long time to connect, in fact, it fails, not only from the network settings of the handset, but also from the browser; choosing a network. Not sure why, but it simply won't hook up to our in stores 'open' network. The screen auto rotates fairly efficiently, The Camera works ok and has autofocus and a two stage shutter release button. But not being able to see the internet working and the humdrum run of the mill everything else. I fail to drum up any enthusiasm at all for it. Nokia fans will no doubt be delighted, seriously there isn't anything wrong with this phone at all. But, like the Palm Pre, the current price of the unit means it's fighting in a market where there are such better options. It really isn't a wise choice for anyone without an unhealthy devotion to Nokia. Nice to see an omission of any Trend security software on here though! I close the box and put the handset away however, unimpressed.

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