Friday, 20 November 2020

Transferring video files without losing quality.

Over the past few weeks and months I have been asked to produce a number of videos for virtual events.

For some I have done the filming which makes things super easy, but for others I have collated clips made by the clients. For some the most convenient way has been to use Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive or another cloud based storage solution, which from a Laptop or Desktop computer isn't too much of a problem. But capturing video on a mobile device makes so much sense, as the camera quality can be exceptional, and when paired with a lapel mic (which can be used with 99% of smartphones nowadays), a tripod and some natural light, near professional results aren't too difficult. 

But unless you're an everyday user of Google Drive, or Dropbox then transferring that video can prove tricky. Using Whats App or Email usually compresses the video to an unacceptable degree. Resolution is lost, sharpness is lost and the effort you put in, to get clear audio, can also be lost. 

So whats the easiest solution to send the file from your mobile device to your editor, without losing quality? Well a client of mine earlier this week used wetransfer from their mobile and the process is surprisingly easy, on both iOS and also Android although it does differ slightly. 

First point Chrome or whatever web browser you're using to
Tap Add your files (see images below)
Select your video file using the browser window that opens
Click Send and choose Email
Enter the person you want to send the file to's email, and your own. 

Once you have entered the information, you will be asked to enter a verification number that will be sent to your email. Enter the verification and your video file will send completely uncompressed. 

See pic below - On iOS again, point your browser Safari or Chrome to
1) Accept the terms and conditions (might be 2 screens)
2) Tap the Blue + icon and then ...
3) Select photo library.
4) Tap the video in your photo library that you want to transfer.
5) Enter your editors email address, and then enter your own. 

Again, like Android, you'll be required to receive an authorisation code to your email which will enable the transfer to go ahead, at full quality. 

Is this the easiest way to transfer to clients without losing quality, or is there an even easier and faster way that you know about? Comment below if you know another way. 

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