Tuesday, 6 October 2020

Hwb email forwarding

So my Mum is a retired headteacher, although you would struggle to notice as she volunteers her time to a local school as a teacher, and like many, uses Hwb.

She does however struggle with her email, as a non smartphone user, she hasn't configured her mail app to use it so, apparently, their school secretary emails her on her personal email, to let her know when she has email in her Hwb account. Then, my Mum will open her computer, click on her saved link, login to check, read and respond. 

Hardly convenient. 

Like my Mother, and presumably many others, I do not use my Hwb email as my primary account, so I have set up email forwarding. This means when an email comes in, I will instantly receive a copy on my school email and I can respond accordingly. Without the need for our school secretary to get involved. 

So how is this done? So for my Mum and anyone else who needs it, it's done like this. 

Log in to Hwb and navigate to Outlook. In the top right, click the Gear icon and then at the bottom select View all Outlook Settings. 

Once you have opened 'All settings' you will see the screen below. 

Once here, Select Email>Forwarding and simply enter the email you would like your incoming mail forwarded to. 

For me, this works like a charm, I get very few emails to my Hwb account, but when I do, I can reply, from my preferred email account quite quickly and simply. 

Although she really should get a smartphone. 

Hope this helps. 

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