Friday, 6 April 2018

Ps4 online list without plus subscription

I was playing Watch Dogs 2 tonight. Single player, I thought. Logged into a new Ubisoft account when someone else showed up. Then he left.
PS plus psn no subscription games ps4 free
Some online games don't need PS plus.
Somewhat baffled (as I don't have a PS plus subscription) I did a little digging. it seems there's lots of confusion and the general consensus is that it's only free to play games. With that in mind, and the fact watch dogs isn't 'free to play' (is a paid for title), I'm going to create a list, here, of games that do not require a PS plus subscription. If you find a title that can be played online without PS plus
(or one listed below that can't be) please comment and I'll investigate and correct the list.

In no particular order.

Watch dogs 2
World of tanks
Elder Scrolls online
DC universe
Blacklight retribution
War thunder
Planetside 2
Star trek online
Table top racing

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