Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Rough Cuts Ltd is moving.

"Cramped and too blue" the old Rough Cuts HQ
It's been a great year for Rough Cuts Ltd. In under a year from first becoming registered they've gone from zero turnover to some. In light of this success, and due to increasing levels of complaints from their employee. They're moving offices. From it's inception Rough Cuts has operated from a combination of 'the sofa' and the main offices upstairs in what was previously known as 'the old playroom'. Employee complained that it was too cramped, too blue and that the feng shui was all wrong, he said [quote]
"I hate sitting with my back to the door it's creepy, and the blue, it looks like we stole it off the navy".
Company directors maintain that the offices (at the time) we're fit for purpose and that 'employee' was the lead designer for the project some 8 months ago. Nevertheless due to increasing use of 'sofa' the business has acquired new property.

Surround sound, gaming and a new chair, the new HQ. 
The new premises are a short distance away along the landing and into much newer, and more modern space that was created when the house underwent an extension several years back. It's previously been known as 'the spare room', 'the boys room' (despite the household being dominated by females) and 'the man cave' (as it is currently signposted).
The plans for the new offices are radically different and are a significant step up. The feng shui has been considered and 'employee's back will soon be against a corner wall, facing both the window and open door. Employee will soon have additional recreational space and increased desktop space for more than one computer. This is a significant new investment for the business with a speculated budget of 50,000 pennies. So far the project is way under budget at only 19,798 pennies for a new corner desk and chair. However contractors 'wife and kids' state that paint will be needed to be paid for and perhaps further storage space. Employee has suggested a cold storage facility for beer or soft drinks, but our source stated that this was unlikely as he has already got a dart board and Xbox 360.
However progress has faltered due to workplace injuries recently occurring when 'employee' sliced his finger open while sanding down the skirting boards, reports state he accidentally snagged his index finger on the grip strip and he said it was like razor wire. Witness reported a lot of blood and feelings of queasiness. More updates to follow over the coming days.

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