Friday, 7 July 2017

Where's my Android family?

Sometimes, it's comforting to know that your loved ones are ok. Find my friends is a great way to do this on iOS, but Android solutions, until now have been somewhat convoluted. Some families have a mixture of iOS and Android users in them too, so a cross platform solution would be more useful.

Glympse is a great app for letting a client or friend know where you are on your journey. You can share your location via whats app or text, but some friends I know have had problems seeing the location and it's available on both Apple and Google devices.

Google have just stepped in with a fantastically lightweight application called trusted contacts. The fact that this is a separate app sits nicely with me, I like the fact that if I want to share my location, or check the location of a loved one, I can safely open this app, and action that need straight away.

The options for 'Trusted Contacts' are really very straighforward,

1) Send an alert.
 This will contact all of your trusted contacts and let them know that you've sent an alert.
 Could be useful in an emergency.

2) Request a location.
 The user can respond (which lets you know they're alright) or after 5 minutes, the app will send you their location.
Great for locating people who could be lost or in trouble.

3) Share my location. 
 Send your location to all or selected trusted contacts.
Handy if you're running late and you know they'll be concerned about where you are.

In a nutshell, this serves as a comfort blanket for kids or parents. For parents with young teenage kids who're heading out more and more often (like me). It'll mean less stress, and that's a good thing. Technology making life easier and less stressful.

The bad news, at the moment, it's not yet (July 2017) available on iOS, but they'll email you when it's ready. For now, those families can work with Glympse.

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