Friday, 25 October 2013

The Binatone Brick

It's not often we get something in genuinely unique, based more on style than functionality, but this week we have just that. The Binatone Brick is modelled on the Motorola DynaTAC, which was unsympathetically nicknamed the brick, because of it's sheer bulk. Having said that, at the time, it was a massive leap from the car battery and curly cord affairs that were lugged around by the 80's 1%! This handset is, frankly ginormous by todays standards. You can, if you choose, put a sim card in it and use it as your main phone. Or if you prefer, you can connect it via bluetooth to your smartphone and use it separately. It wedges beautifully between your shoulder and head but is not a road legal handsfree kit.
It's compatible with the 2G network, so is capable of sending SMS messages as well as making and receiving calls. It has digital call quality so calls are clear and hiss free. Not only that, but, it has a memory card slot.... It includes a music player, although ironically, it doesn't have a headphone socket! However the speaker is clear and bright should you wish to listen to A-ha, Kajagoogoo, or Queen. This phone isn't subtle, if, in the highly unlikely situation you were ever turning this device on in an Airport, everyone around you would expect flight information to follow, it makes that exact noise; loudly! The menus are clear and simple, anyone who has owned a 'normal' phone in the past 18 year, will, without a shadow of a doubt, pick this up and use it genuinely easily. For some customers, with a sense of humour, this genuinely could be all that they actually need. In true retro style, the battery life is phenomenal. The default battery, (which looks like a cheap nokia clone) will last on standby for 1 month! As additional accessories, they have XL and XXL batteries which will last up to 3 and 6 months respectively! Half a year standby off one battery charge! It has a USB port in the side of the phone for charging. Finally, it also has on the top of the phone a Torch. It's clearly not for everyone only those who are comfortable being laughed at. But, as a novelty item, it's surprisingly competent. Do I want one. No of course I don't.

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