Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Oso Space-Mount

The Oso mount claims to have a unique type of suction cup, that will stick to more surfaces than most other in car mounts. In an 07 civic, there is a very flat part of the dashboard, which is ideal for mounting a phone. But, it's textured, so most mounts won't form a vacuum. The Oso mount on the other hand has a very soft and sticky circle, with a depressed rubberised centre. And, I must say, it works; it works brilliantly. The suction cup will fit to pretty much any, relatively flat, plastic surface, even the more textured part of the dashboard is flat enough for the circle to form a very very tight grip. If the suction cup becomes too clogged up with dust from moving it too frequently, you simply rinse it under a tap, which returns the sticky surface to its original state. The clip design is simplicity itself, quite why more car mount manufacturers don't supply a simply bulldog clip is beyond me. So, you'd assume, with a superb suction cup and a great clip design the mount would be perfect? Sadly, the middle bit is way too thin and far too flimsy. There is way too much play in the mount and it can easily be bent back and forth with a gentle push. Furthermore, although the clip design is good, it's far too narrow, meaning that when you touch the screen at the top or bottom (or left/right if you've got it mounted horizontally) the device you're using will shift. I haven't tested it, but I suspect from the V shape of the clamp, a handset such as a galaxy (mini) would have a more firm grip, as the edge would seat deeper in the rubberised section. As if that wasn't enough, the ball and socket joint is pretty much useless. To encourage it to grip better, I have shoved a puncture repair rubber circle in it, which has worked, but not brilliantly. Truth be known though, I'm suffering buyers remorse. Like every other mount I have, to reduce vibration, it's going to need to be wedged against something else in the car to stop it. Shame, flawed genius. I'll wait for a mark III or IV and a more solid construction.

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