Thursday, 15 November 2012

Samsung Galaxy Camera

As a keen photographer I was excited when this arrived in store. The handset is baffling, from one side a normal looking Android handset (Let's be honest, there are many that are starting to look pretty similar now aren't they... It's hard to find an android handset that's unique) and on the other side there's stonking camera. The first thing we tested was the zoom. The camera boasts a 21x optical zoom, and it's pretty damn impressive. Furthermore, it has Manual mode, Shutter Priority, Aperture priority etc and also an ISO of 3200. We took a pic outside and on manual in pretty dark street light conditions, it chose 800 and took a fairly clear picture. Close inspection showed mild graininess, but considering we overrode the flash settings and took it handheld, it was very very impressive. Of course having wifi, 3G and a full android interface and a fabulously competent camera strapped to the back makes photo management a new game to play. The device can upload all of your photo's straight to your dropbox account, picasa, skydrive or (I guess) ANY online cloud storage service you care to use (that has an accompanying Android App). You can also (of course) upload straight off the camera to twitter, facebook and send video's straight to youtube or vimeo etc. There's a Micro SD card slot, so you can also easily get images straight off the camera that way if you want. There's a pop up flash which is pretty neat and it feels really good in your hand. I went to a Killers concert a few nights after it came in and I reckoned with it's zoom and low light performance this would have been a killer camera to take with me (see what I did there). The sad thing is, I didn't. Very impressed, superb machine, great take on the compact portable camera and it makes so much sense to attach the android OS to the back to manage the photo's that you take on your camera. Very impressed, but pretty expensive at £400.

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