Friday, 15 June 2012

Google and Chrome Privacy settings.

At home, I occasionally use google chrome. I don't find it as good as Safari, so to be honest, I've only dabbled. Perhaps this is where the problem came from. I've signed in using 2 accounts. A team account that I created to let my team view work documents and an administrator one that I use to edit and create documents. The passwords are different. I have logged in and out on both accounts, but it would appear that, at some point, I signed into Chrome (not simply google) using the team account.

At some point, Chrome has decided it will collect, group and remember all of the passwords that it sees. Including my (different) personal account.

Today, my team have set up a new computer at work and signed into chrome using the team account. Unbeknown to me, on a computer that I've never sat at, that I've never entered my password on, by default, my email address AND password both auto populate the sign in fields!

Now as if this wasn't bad enough, trying to disassociate the two is also a nightmare. Fortunately, I work with a very tech competent guy and eventually we managed to disassociate the two. Now, Chrome doesn't remember my password and I guess I'm a little more secure, but wow! There's a lesson I won't forget in a hurry! I'll also be steering well clear of Chrome with my own personal account.

The geek laughed it off and told me it was naivety and that I've not known what I was doing, however, I beg to differ, I didn't expect Chrome to remember all of my passwords on a separate computer!


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