Thursday, 5 May 2011

Smartphones with headphones.

Just had a bit of a revelation. Using doublesync the other week, I inadvertently dumped 10% of my record collection onto my HTC desire. It's late. I'm not tired, kids and wife are in bed, so I decided to listen to some tunes on my Dr Dre Beats headphones. The HTC was the closest phone to hand, and seeing as it had alot of music on it, I thought, why not?

Them something odd happened. It didn't sound right. Was it me? it just sounded, 'central' and well, lacking in depth. It wasn't making the involving sounds happen that I've come to expect from these headphones, so I flicked through a few more songs, it was the same, Beatles, Foo fighters, Gerry Rafferty, all sounded, muted.

Tom Petty American girl came on, the live version,  a truly legendary track. No.... I wasn't feeling it.

I pulled up the same track on the iPhone 4 and tried again...... This is more like it! I wouldn't have believed there would have been such a difference. The stereo separation is the most noticeable difference. The Htc sounds almost, mono by comparison. The depth is the next thing you notice, the clear highs and the deep bass is so much better on the iPhone. Then finally the detail; which I guess ties in with the separation. Every instrument, every detail is less, well.... mushy on the iPhone.

I know I could be called a fanboy, but..... it's not without reason. The sound produced for music fans from the ipod inspired iphone is by far superior to the musicality of the HTC offering. Sorry HTC, but it's true and I guess any audiophile would agree. It's as clear as anything, even to an old fogey like me.

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