Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Gear4 Houseparty5 Speaker Dock

If you can get past the looks of this speaker dock, (I don't think my wife would approve of the design, anywhere in our house) then what you have here is a speaker dock for an ipod or iphone. Something that you may never have seen before. Ok, so the world is currently awash with iPod speaker docks. But as a species, we're sadly denied vast quantities of high quality sound at reasonable price speaker docks. This I guess fulfils the latter in terms of price as the RRP is below £50. Where it lets itself down is in the quality of the sound. It has two bass ports, two tweeters and two midrange. The potential to amaze is pretty high. But sadly, it just doesn't. The sound is messy and lacking punch. There is little detail and at times it comes across as shrill. It lacks involvement and coherence. As a machine for the kitchen, if you really don't have much time to look around, and you'll be listening from another room, then this may satisfy your needs. If you care more about how it sits next to the rest of your furniture and you own, say, less than 10 albums, and a black and yellow leather sofa, again, its pretty much perfect, otherwise, as a speaker dock, its just another substandard run of the mill, speaker dock. I do like the blue touch panel light up buttons on the front, although you'll be leaving fingerprints each time you make an adjustment. 

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