Tuesday, 13 July 2010

HTC Wildfire

This could be the shortest review ever. Basically, the Wildfire is a poor mans Desire. Perhaps I'm just spoiled by the retina display on my iPhone 4, but this display just looks cheap, which is a shame as the rest of the phone feels really good quality. The fact that it is cheap is good (its free from £20 per month). Weigh it up against it's main rival though (the entry level Sony X10 mini) and it becomes an even stronger proposition. The Desire is one of the best android handsets out there. Partly because of its optical sensor, used to manipulate the cursor. Very useful for correcting errors while texting, or scrolling pages up and down, without obliterating part of the display with your finger, as you have to on many other models. The Wildfire, like the desire, has the same excellent optical joystick (as they like to call it). Which is a major benefit over the X10 mini. Where Android handsets currently are differentiated is with the implementation of Swype. Text input traditionally on Android phones had played second fiddle to Apple's excellent auto correction and been a weak point. Swype (which I believe will eventually make its way to all android handsets) is an exceptionally innovative way to reduce texting errors. If you haven't seen it in action, click here
So far I've only seen Swype on the Galaxy S, it's enabled by going to settings and Text/Locale in the menu and enabling from there. Sadly, it isn't on this latest Android phone and without it. It is, as summarised earlier, it simply a poor mans Desire.
5 Mp camera, LED flash (with flashlight app installed). SD video recording. A good showing for what will be an increasing market, cheaper android handsets for all, however, it isn't half as good as a galaxy S, or even a Samsung Wave. One look at the screens side by side will be enough to convince anyone.

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